About Jeff and Lee


Owners Jeff and Lee McCubbin are both Certified Recognition Specialists (CRS), a designation bestowed by the Awards and Recognition Industry and shared by less than 1% of award’s professionals nationwide. A CRS certification marks one of the highest levels of professional accomplishment in the awards and engraving industry.

“There is no greater feeling on earth than to see the look in a person’s eyes when they are presented with something that demonstrates to them that they are appreciated and that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.  The absolute glee in the face of a child that was just handed a memento of something they tried very hard to accomplish – even if they did not win – those are the things that keep us doing what we do.  Sometimes these small tokens of gratitude or acknowledgement are just the thing that can turn someone’s world around at a critical time for them. Awards and gifts, personal and precious, will be kept and remembered for a lifetime.”